Data Science and Analytics Projects

Our team members have successfully completed projects across a variety of industries. Below are some examples of our past work

Text Analytics with Machine Learning
We have expertise in text analytics. We have worked for multiple clients and domains spanning across customer analytics
engagement, customer profiling, customer retention,brand and product insights, and politics using text scrapping and social media analytics. We have used the most advanced techniques and tools available in Python for natural language processing. It has made significant impact on cost savings and revenue generation for our customers.

House Pricing with Web Scraping
For house mortgage and exact pricing of houses and apartments in Indian cities, we helped our client implementing advanced
machine learning solution. The data was scrapped from multiple housing aggregators and based on statistical analyses, the prices were accurately predicted. This project saved huge costs and the CEO won best project award on a reputed platform in their industry.

Steel testing automation and Artificial Intelligence
This project will completely change the way steel manufacturing industry works. Even though this project is in testing phase for at
least one more year, however, we have achieved accuracy levels of 99.9% topredict the elements in steel using advanced machine learning techniques and amazing problem-solving techniques. It looks very promising the way the model is learning and improving. Our client, a steel technology consulting company, will generate millions of dollars in revenue by adding this solution to their portfolio.

AI based Chatbots and Voice assistants
We have helped many companies and public organizations to replace their task force with advanced Artificial Intelligence
based chatbots and voice assistants. The most interesting project has been done as a pilot with the USA organization for replacing patient navigators with AI based chatbot.

Customer profiling and behavioural issues
To identify the relationship between the engagement that the sellers have with the customers on social media sites and the
ratings that they get on ecommerce site a is great insight to get. This project was done to help ecommerce platforms in order to formulate a strategy for their sellers to increase customer satisfaction and footfall.

Taskforce management and predictions
Advanced analytics, predictive and optimized models for predicting the need of taskforce in an inhouse support center
with a very dynamic product release environment. The accurate predictive model is a must to achieve the customer satisfaction targets with the optimized cost. This was implemented as a successful project to create an easy to use model by every operational manager and BU leader.

Computer Vision using Deep learning
Advanced deep learning models were implemented with computer vision to help a roof insurance company to identify the
damages using satellite images to save the high cost of manual investigations and long processing time with appointments in the United States of America. The model is capable of processing hundreds of images within a few minutes with high accuracies.

Offer Renege Predictions – HR Analytics
Reduced the very big issue for a conglomerate in India with offer renege percentage from 27% to 8% within 6
months. It has saved huge costs and improved the overall quality of hiring including the high satisfaction levels for hiring teams.

Product release analytics – Marketing Analytics
For a multibillion IT product company, while they release the new versions of their 100s of products every month, a standardized
model and dashboard structure for timing the new release, increase the revenue, have the optimal support for customers etc. was developed that made a huge success for the operational managers and top leadership.

Smart Reports and Intelligent Dashboards
We have created a lot of dashboards and reporting ecosystems for various domains and businesses, ranging from supporting
descriptive to prescriptive analytics. The dashboards are near real time with no human interventions and dashboards with loads of drill down and self help features. Our reports and dashboards are actionable and address most important business questions. With multiple technologies and platforms, we have supported our clients with operational and executive dashboards to completely change the way they consume and utilize the information and take decisions.

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